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Welcome to The Hnefatafl Shop! Here you can buy hnefatafl games. There are books available too (see the menu). There should be something here to suit anyone who wants to play hnefatafl. There may be some one-off items posted here too, so keep an eye on this page if you don't want to miss anything!

The Viking Game


This set brings you an extremely attractive and decorative hnefatafl game at an affordable price. Its appearance makes this a very popular choice for those who want a set of their own. It's very nice to handle, and with its moulded pieces it makes a great ornament too. The board is made of canvas with traditional Viking patterns decorating the border and the starting squares of the pieces. Delivered and stored rolled up, it easily stays flat when laid ... (read more...)

Price: £19.95+P&P In stock. Order:

Hnefatafl from Gothic Green Oak


This beautiful and compact set from Gothic Green Oak in Wales is great for playing authentic hnefatafl games from history. Made using traditional materials, the wooden pieces are complemented with a leather board. Its compact size and packaging makes this an ideal set for playing on the move. The board is marked with the king's central square and the four corners. This versatility allows you to experiment with the starting positions if you want to explore different rule ... (read more...)

Price: £13.95+P&P Out of stock. Order:

Brandub from Cyningstan


Play hnefatafl Celtic style with this lovely little Brandub game from Cyningstan.  When the Vikings took hnefatafl to Ireland, the Celtic people adopted the game and called it Brandub .  They preferred the smallest board, and adapted the rules to their own taste. The board is made from pine and is about six inches square (150mm).  The pattern for the board is burned into the wood, and is based on a mediaeval stone board found at Downpatrick Cathedral. ... (read more...)

Price: £11.95+P&P Out of stock. Order:

Hnefatafl from RomBol


This super hnefatafl game from Germany is an impressive sight.  Built in the style of modern board games, this hnefatafl set features some decorative artwork. The board, printed double-sided on thick card, unfolds to 22 inches square (560mm).  Both sides have a printed wood-effect pattern taken from a real historic board.  It has thirteen rows of thirteen squares, a size popular with the Vikings. The circular pieces, also printed on thick card, feature fearsome Viking faces.  A ... (read more...)

Price: £11.95+P&P In stock. Order:

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Just ordered your 37 piece Hnefatafl set and can't wait to get started. What is the usual delivery time on a standard UK order?

Shaun Lynch - 23:05, 22/06/2014

Thank you Shaun! I post the games second-class within the UK, so delivery time is usually about 3 days. I tend to post the day following receipt of order, and confirm by email the expected delivery date.

Damian Walker - 23:56, 22/06/2014

Hi I'm starting a business in Waterford Museum of Medieval Treasures - explaining archery of middle ages and offering a chance to pull a Viking or a warbow (and get a photo taken) while in character of Sigtrygg Silkbeard. I'll be offering Gaelic/Norse jewellery and other items and am interested in getting some Hnefatafl sets wholesale. Can you help? Peter

Peter O'Connor (Sigtrygg Silkbeard) - 12:52, 19/03/2015

Thanks for your enquiry Peter! I've sent you an email to confirm the details. I'm sure I can help.

Damian Walker - 20:23, 19/03/2015

Hi, What is the usual delivery time on a order to the Netherlands?

Shirin Mostert - 22:44, 09/07/2015

Postage to the Netherlands (and other European destinations outside the UK) takes 3-5 working days once posted. I usually post the day after I receive the order.

Damian Walker - 10:21, 10/07/2015

Any chance of it reaching down under anytime ?

Paul - 05:54, 18/09/2015

Hi! I'm in a game studies class in my university and was wondering how long shipping would take to the United States. I'm currently doing two projects on the game and have to do a presentation on it in a few weeks.

Jesus Guizar - 05:41, 21/10/2015

Thanks for getting in touch, Jesus. Postage to the USA takes 5-7 working days by Airmail. Add to that a couple of days for dispatch, so say about two weeks from the time of your order.

Damian Walker - 19:41, 21/10/2015

Are there any plans to make more hand made hnefatafl sets by Cynanstan available?

LIz Lam - 05:58, 27/07/2016

Thanks for your enquiry, Liz! At the moment I'm concentrating on making the Brandub sets. At some point I hope to bring the bigger sets back as "separates" where people can buy a board and pieces separately. The idea is that there will be different styles of piece available to go with the chosen board. But I'm not sure when that will be, as all this is happening alongside my "day job"!

Damian Walker - 19:54, 27/07/2016

Thanks for the response.  Just ordered the Brandub set and looking forward to trying it out!

Liz Lam - 05:08, 28/07/2016

Hello, I would like to know how long would it take to deliver the package.

Thank you very much

Clotilde Ferreira - 20:35, 07/07/2017

Thanks for your enquiry, Clotilde! As this is a hobby business, I tend to post packages twice a week (usually midweek and the weekend). After that it depends where you are: 2-3 working days after postage to reach the UK, 3-5 working days for mainland Europe, and 5-7 working days elsewhere.

Damian Walker - 16:43, 08/07/2017


just want to ask if the board game hnefatafl is in stock and how long it will take to ship it to Germany? Looking for this game for months and many shops only got it used. 

Thank you for your answer.

Sebastian Emmerich - 08:49, 09/09/2017

Thanks for your enquiry, Sebastian! All of the hnefatafl games are currently in stock apart from Brandubh, which should hopefully return soon. Games take about a week after posting to reach Germany. As this is a hobby business I generally post at the weekend.

Damian Walker - 08:48, 10/09/2017

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