Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Forthcoming Events

There is an increasing number of hnefatafl events, including face-to-face tournaments, taking place around the world.  Here are some that have come to my attention.  If you know of an event that should appear here, then please let me know by email.

Fetlar Hnefatafl Championship


12 Oct, 11:30: The Hnefatafl World Champsionships held at Fetlar are back! After a hiatus of some years, the live tournament that inspired many others is running once again, this year as a memorial to its late founder, Peter Kelly. The format and rules of the tournament have not changed since previous years. Using the Fetlar Hnefatafl rules, the games use the quick-play format, with moves hurried along to the sound of a gong. More information is available at the ... (read more...)


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