Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Forthcoming Events

There is an increasing number of hnefatafl events, including face-to-face tournaments, taking place around the world.  Here are some that have come to my attention.  If you know of an event that should appear here, then please let me know by email.

Fifth English Hnefatafl Championship


15 May, 10:00: Ealdfaeder come to West Stow to present the 5th English National Hnefatafl Championships, with Champion Tim Millar as tutor and judge! Tim Millar and Ealdfeader group members will teach games to the public on Saturday and Monday, and the Championships will be held on the Sunday. The weekend promises lots of great activities for visitors of all ages! Young Saxons can play at being warriors with small safe shields/spears, and older Saxons can try have-a-go archery for £1. ... (read more...)

Hull Hnefatafl Tournament 2017


17 Jun, 10:00: A Hnefatafl tournament will be held in Kingston upon Hull, England, in summer 2017.  Taking place at the Hull and East Riding Museum, the tournament will feature the  Tablut  rules, which are the closest we have to the games that the Vikings played. Following a tutorial session in the morning, where players will be able to get to grips with the rules and have any questions answered, the tournament will begin.  There will also be time to see an ... (read more...)


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