Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

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Hnefatafl at Jocly
Hnefatafl at Jocly

The links on this page are for web sites that allow you to play with other people across the Internet (web or email). Sites with human-vs-computer or "hot-seat" play are more numerous, one the most versatile of which is the one right here on this site.

There are two different styles of play among the links below. One is "correspondence" style, where players need not be on-line at the same time, but make their moves typically once or twice per day before waiting for the other player to log in. The other is "real-time" play, where a game is played in one sitting as if sat together at the board. Since the different styles suit people's different schedules, I specify which where known.

Hnefatafl: Aage Nielsen

Aage Nielsen's web site allows you to play Hnefatafl (various rules) against other players. There is also a discussion forum, and an archive of previous games to learn from. (visit...)

Hnefatafl on has a server that lets you play board games by email. It has some versatility with regard to rules and board size. (visit...)

Hnefatafl at Dragonheel's Lair

On Dragonheel's Lair, a large number of different hnefatafl variants can be played correspondence-style against other registered users on a graphical board: tablut, ard ri, brandubh, alea evangelii, and longship tafl are among the variants offered. The site also offers many other games including chess and backgammon. (visit...)

Tablut at Ludoteka

Ludoteka has a large number of games to play in real time against other users, including a variant of tablut. Ludoteka also allows you to practice at this game against a computer opponent before challenging real people. (visit...)

Tablut at BrainKing

BrainKing offers many games both classic and modern to play in correspondence mode, including a variant of tablut. (visit...)

Tablut at

BoardSpace has a hnefatafl game; though called "tablut" it allows you to choose a board size, some rule variations and to plot your own initial layout by moving the pieces around before play starts. You can play the game in real-time against other users, or practice against a computer player. (visit...)


YourTurnMyTurn offers a version of Tablut as one of over forty different games you can play in correspondence format. Their tablut version has the king winning by reaching a corner; the king being captured on four sides. There is a forum for the game there too. (visit...)

Hnefatafl on igGameCenter

You can play hnefatafl on igGameCenter in real time against other people. There are three different boards available: 25 pieces on a 9x9 board (tablut), 37 pieces on an 11x11 board and 37 pieces on a 13x13 board. All games have the king winning on exit to a corner, and being captured on four sides. (visit...)

Hnefatafl on Jocly

Jocly has a large number of board games, including multiple variants of hnefatafl on both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional boards. The games are played in real time, and the site allows human vs. computer play without the need to log in. (visit...)

Play Tafl Online

Tafl was a board game that dominated Europe before the arrival of Chess. The game was played by people throughout the Norse and Celtic world in its many forms and was even mentioned in the sagas. In recent years many attempts have been made to reconstruct the rules. Many of the rules of these reconstructions are available here. Some of the more balanced variants are even available to be played in rated games. (visit...)


Hi i would like to play viking chess

Hayden Pearce - 18:01, 07/05/2016

Is there any particular version of the game you're interested in, Hayden?  You can play hnefatafl at any of the sites above, but if you've a particular version in mind, I might now which of the links offer it.

Damian Walker - 11:07, 08/05/2016

I'm happy to say that OpenTafl now supports network play, in the recent v0.3.0.0b release. Standout features include a built-in game clock with a wide array of settings, and user-defined rules variations using OpenTafl rules strings.

Jay Slater - 13:46, 06/06/2016

re:dragonheels and kingstable.

i haven't been able to get on these sites, they may be down.

altti - 16:15, 24/09/2016

Thanks for the information, altti. I've just logged on to Dragonheels' Lair this morning and it seems fine. I contacted the admin for The Viking Game (kingstable) and got no response, so I'm removing it from the list for the time being.

Damian Walker - 08:35, 25/09/2016

I think it is also good to note that 'Play Tafl Online' above has a well-designed bot/AI to train against as well, if you were looking to learn the ropes of the game against the computer instead of people.

Brady - 03:38, 26/09/2018

Hello. Which of these online sites are the most popular? In other words, which site has the most active "in real time" players? I am searching for a site that allows real time play that has active members that I can identify as being online. Thanks!

Marc - 23:05, 19/03/2021

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