Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Gaining the Victory

Victory will go to whoever's turn it is here
Victory will go to whoever's turn it is here

Hnefatafl is unusual in that the objective for each side is different. The king wins by one of two methods, depending on the game: either to reach the edge of the board, or to reach the corner. Games in which the king must reach the corner to win are usually distinguished by having the corner squares marked, and inaccessible to men other than the king.

The objective of the king's enemies is to capture him. In some games the king is captured by custodianship, while in others he is captured by enclosure, both explained on the capture rules page.

Some games have rules to recognise or prevent draws. Players will usually adopt a rule where a repeated move or position signifies a draw, as in chess. In some games, a draw results when a player is completely trapped and has no valid move, while in other games this is counted as a loss for the trapped player.

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