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Price Reductions on Brandub Games

The Deluxe 13-piece Hnefatafl Game and other pleasures
The Deluxe 13-piece Hnefatafl Game and other pleasures

Saturday, 5th April 2014

Today is my birthday, so I decided to give you a little present. The two 13-piece hnefatafl games in the shop are reduced in price! The Deluxe game is now for sale at under £25, and the Standard 13-piece game has dropped to under £18.

The Deluxe 13-piece game is an elegant version of brandub. Showy decoration seen on other brandub games has replaced by quality and style. The board is of birch plywood with a border of American Walnut veneer. The pieces are wooden pawns, with a wooden box to keep them in.

The Standard 13-piece game is a more affordable version. It has the same smart style, but the border is left bare and sanded smooth, and a little black drawstring pouch is supplied to hold the pieces. Both versions of the game are supplied with a booklet containing two sets of rules: the popular brandub, and an experimental Scottish variant.

Now I know people are supposed to receive, not give, presents on their birthday, so I may have things topsy-turvy here. But the best present I could receive today is for people to buy these games from me! Go on, treat yourself.

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This little board game combines simplicity and style in a small package. Don't be fooled by its size: the small game is every bit as absorbing as its larger cousins. This edition is designed with the true connoisseur in mind: showy decoration is put aside in favour of understated elegance and practicality. Yet it still looks good enough to decorate the coffee table. The hand-made board is of birch plywood, and measures 8 inches (200mm) square. The border is ... (read more...)

Price: £24.95+P&P Out of stock. Order:

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Price: £17.95+P&P Out of stock. Order:

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