Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Cthulhu vs. The Vikings Goes Live

A hand-painted Cthulhu vs. The Vikings set.
A hand-painted Cthulhu vs. The Vikings set.
From the Cthulhu vs. The Vikings Kickstarter Page.

Wednesday, 14th August 2013

The much anticipated hnefatafl project by Kristan Wheaton, Cthulhu vs. The Vikings, was launched on Kickstarter last night. If successful, fans of Cthulhu, the Vikings, or hnefatafl, will be able to buy a game-and-comic product that brings together horror and history. The popularity and the excellent marketing campaign by Wheaton may do much to give hnefatafl a boost in popularity.

Inspired by carvings of tentacled monsters on authentic Viking runestones, Cthulhu vs. The Vikings tells the story of a battle between a group of Viking warriors led by their king, and a horde of Cthulhu's minions. The comic sets the scene for the oncoming clash, while the game lets the player finish the story on the hnefatafl board.

The game is on the 11x11 board, which is made of canvas and available in tan-and-black and red-and-black colour schemes. The pieces are 3D-printed, with an option to have them hand-painted or left unpainted. It is not yet clear whether the makers have developed their own rules or whether they will be adopting an existing set.

The Kickstarter project aims to raise $9,500 in 30 days. In the first six hours it had raised over $1,200, getting the project off to a good start. Pledges start at $1 for updates, and go up to $5,000 for the full VIP treatment and a luxury product. A physical game with unpainted pieces and a tan-coloured board is included from $25 upwards, making this project good value for money, even for international backers who add a $15 postage fee.

You can support the project by vising their Kickstarter page at


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