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Another 25-piece Hnefatafl Game in the Shop

Close-up of 25-piece Hnefatafl Game, set out for play.
Close-up of 25-piece Hnefatafl Game, set out for play.

Wednesday, 8th January 2014

Some people noticed the disappearance of the old, low-cost "Medium" hnefatafl game from the shop. But don't worry: its replacement is now here! The Basic 25-piece Hnefatafl game is for people who want an inexpensive and portable way to play great hnefatafl variants based on the 9x9-square board.

The new game improves on the old in its use of hard-wearing birch plywood, precision-cut for a smart appearance. It features the same attractive glass pieces as the old game, but now has an improved rules booket: the same, in fact, as that supplied with the Deluxe 25-piece Hnefatafl Game.

The booklet contains the rules for three hnefatafl games, two old and one new. Tablut is the last historical version of hnefatafl still played before its revival: the botanist Linnaeus spotted it in Lapland. Tawlbwrdd is a mediaeval Welsh version of the game. And sea battle tafl is unashamedly modern, a well-balanced version tried and tested in tournaments.

This is one of the cheapest hnefatafl games available. At just £12, it's difficult to find a better-value game - especially one of traditional wooden construction as opposed to plastic or cardboard. But there's no skimping on quality, with each one being hand-made.

Proprietor Damian Walker explains the rationale behind the new game: "While the shop is stocking more exclusive products like the Deluxe game, I didn't want to forget those whose budget won't stretch that far." The Basic 25-piece Game will fill the gap left behind by the discontinued 'Medium' game.

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