Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

An Introduction to Hnefatafl

An Inroduction to Hnefatafl, Second Edition
An Inroduction to Hnefatafl, Second Edition

An Introduction to Hnefatafl is a slim book which tells the story of hnefatafl through four phases: origins, growth, decline and revival. Along the way, it gives the rules for a number of different versions of the game, as well as some of the games that inspired it and the games that it inspired. The work is rounded off with a chapter on strategy.

Originally sold on the web site as a 20-page booklet, the project has been expanded with new illustrations, and the aforementioned chapter on strategy, into a 44-page book now sold through Lulu and distributed to book shops worldwide.

The book stands on its own or acts as a companion volume to Damian Walker's other book Reconstructing Hnefatafl. While Reconstructing Hnefatafl is an historical discussion providing argument and references, An Introduction to Hnefatafl is a more straightforward read which does not try to emulate an academic text. An Introduction also includes some of the more modern rules that Reconstructing lacks.

It is therefore intended for those with little or no knowledge of the game, to gain a bit of background information, to learn how to play, and to gain some hints on strategy. It makes an especially good gift for those who want to introduce friends to the game in all its variety.

An Introduction to Hnefatafl (paperback)

The paperback version of An Introduction to Hnefatafl is available from Lulu at a cost of £4.99. You do not need to have a Lulu account to buy from them. (visit...)


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