Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Reconstructing Hnefatafl

Reconstructing Hnefatafl hardback and paperback.
Reconstructing Hnefatafl hardback and paperback.

Reconstructing Hnefatafl is Damian Walker's first book on our favourite game. It leaves modern innovations to game designers, and instead concentrates on those versions of hnefatafl that have been mentioned in history. Particular attention is played to the well-documented games, but there are chapters which adapt these games to extant boards for which we have no written rules. Care is taken in the reconstructions to avoid inventions not based on historical sources.

This is the first printed book dedicated to the game. While other books have featured hnefatafl, it has typically been only a small fraction of larger works that have covered many other games, diluting hnefatafl's interest. Until now, the hnefatafl enthusiast has had to learn about the game's history in small snippets, and has had to work harder to research it in greater depth.

Because it is based in history, and historical variants, the book tries to dispel some myths that have arisen about the game, many arising on the world wide web and being copied from one site to another. From the age of the game, to elements of its game play (like "elite guards" and the unplayable mess that is "ard ri"), the book examines various earlier attempts at reconstruction, and explains using historical evidence why some of them are unlikely.

The book is intended to be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in hnefatafl. But it is especially aimed at those who want to study the game more deeply. Those who want to write their own books, articles or web sites about the game are kept in mind. It is also a valuable resource for those organising hnefatafl games at tournaments and re-enactment events, especially those who want to create as authentic an historical experience as possible.

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Received my copy of this book in the mail today. Looking forward to reading it!

LIz Lam - 05:55, 27/07/2016

Thanks Liz, I hope that you enjoy it!

Damian Walker - 19:55, 27/07/2016

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