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A Hnefatafl Match with Commentary

Crust vs. Schachus, Feb 2015
Crust vs. Schachus, Feb 2015

Monday, 9th March 2015

In what may be a first for hnefatafl, there's now available a full hnefatafl match with commentary by a grandmaster. Posted by Tim Millar on the World Tafl Federation Facebook page, the match is artistically presented move by move, with full commentary.

The match took place in February 2015 on the web site, between Somerset-based Millar, who uses the username crust on the web site, and Berlin-based Schachus. Schachus, playing as the king and defenders, won the match on move 34 with Millar's resignation.

This is part of a small tournament between three top-level hnefatafl players on the site. The Copenhagen hnefatafl rules are used for this tournament, and this is the first of six matches to come to a conclusion.

You don't need to have an account on Facebook to see the commentary. Just point your browser to the following link:


That was actually quite an exiting match. Excellent commentary with added punch!

Stuart Leeds - 21:40, 22/05/2015

I recently learned the rules of Copenhagen rules Hnefetafl. This was an incredible insight into the strategy used by masters of the game!

Ron Hargrove - 13:38, 05/04/2020

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