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Magpie - Play-testing and Corrections

Magpie at
Magpie at

Friday, 2nd January 2015

The lovely little brandub-based game of Magpie, designed by Nigel Suckling, is now on test at Many of the best hnefatafl players play at this site, so the game should receive a thorough work-out. Feel free to join in! It would be good to see the game tested at all levels of play.

My first game of Magpie there showed me that I had the rules wrong here on this site. Nigel Suckling's rules say that a piece can be captured against the empty central square, as well as the corners; this is much like Fetlar and Copenhagen hnefatafl. I'd forgotten this when I added Magpie to the site. The difference has a huge effect on the game.

The problem affected the applet, the leaflet, and the print-and-play file. I've corrected all three of these now, so if you have copies of the leaflet or the print-and-play file then please download them again. New games on the applet will now automatically use the correct rules.


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