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Copenhagen Leaflet Available

Copenhagen hnefatafl front page
Copenhagen hnefatafl front page

Wednesday, 16th July 2014

Owners of 37-piece games can now download an extra rule set for their game. Copenhagen Hnefatafl is designed for the 11x11 board, with 37 pieces, and is popular with some of the best hnefatafl players in the world. The leaflet is free to download using the link elsewhere on this page.

I've also ensured that links for all of the leaflets appear on the appropriate product pages in The Hnefatafl Shop. So now if you've bought, or are about to buy, one of the games, you can download leaflets to print ahead of time, to supplement the rules that are included in the game (for this reason I don't link to the leaflets for rules that are already in the supplied booklet).

So if you've bought a game from The Hnefatafl Shop recently, take another look at the product page - you might find another rule set or two for your game.


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