Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Hnefatafl from RomBol

Close-up of the RomBol hnefatafl set in play
Close-up of the RomBol hnefatafl set in play
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This super hnefatafl game from Germany is an impressive sight.  Built in the style of modern board games, this hnefatafl set features some decorative artwork.

Cyningstan After-sales Service

This game comes with the same after-sales service you expect from The Hnefatafl Shop. Before and after the sale, you'll find here a passion for the game: strategic tips and alternative rules for the board on the web site, and a readiness to answer any questions about history, rules and strategy that you may have.

The board, printed double-sided on thick card, unfolds to 22 inches square (560mm).  Both sides have a printed wood-effect pattern taken from a real historic board.  It has thirteen rows of thirteen squares, a size popular with the Vikings.

The circular pieces, also printed on thick card, feature fearsome Viking faces.  A blue king must escape to a corner of the board with the help of his twelve blue defenders.  There are 24 yellow attackers lying in wait to capture him.

The German rules are very well illustrated, and have various optional rules that players can adopt.  An English translation by Damian Walker is supplied with each game, with some extra notes about strategic balance.

This edition of hnefatafl is great for lovers of modern and ancient games alike.  Its presentation is very much like modern board games, but hnefatafl has a long and rich heritage that will appeal to the historically-minded player.


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