Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Hnefatafl from Gothic Green Oak

Hnefatafl by Gothic Green Oak
Hnefatafl by Gothic Green Oak
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This beautiful and compact set from Gothic Green Oak in Wales is great for playing authentic hnefatafl games from history. Made using traditional materials, the wooden pieces are complemented with a leather board. Its compact size and packaging makes this an ideal set for playing on the move.

Cyningstan After-sales Service

This game comes with the same after-sales service you expect from The Hnefatafl Shop. Before and after the sale, you'll find here a passion for the game: strategic tips and alternative rules for the board on the web site, and a readiness to answer any questions about history, rules and strategy that you may have.

The board is marked with the king's central square and the four corners. This versatility allows you to experiment with the starting positions if you want to explore different rule sets. The leather is supple enough to lie flat on a surface for easy playing, even though stored rolled up. And that classic leather smell is gorgeous!

The 25 pieces are made from wood and maintain an authentic simplicity. A tall red king is accompanied by eight dark defenders, while sixteen light attackers let the wood's natural colour show through. The pieces are cylindrical with smooth sanded edges, making them attractive to pick up and play with.

The rules come on a single sheet which is clear and well illustrated. It contains a brief history of the game, and there are optional rules to make the game easier for less accomplished players.

All of this comes in a plastic tube which can fit easily into a bag, taking up very little room.


Hi, im after a Tawlbwdd game for a Welsh enthusiast,is this game the same or do you have Tawlbwdd ?

many thanks Nik

Nik - 15:57, 11/12/2016

Thanks for getting in touch, Nik! Tawlbwrdd can be played on a 9x9 board and works as well if not better than the 11x11 version in the leaflet you can find on this site. If you want to play the 11x11 game, then The Viking Game is pretty good for playing tawlbwrdd or any other 11x11 variant (though I'm fast running out of these at the time of writing and won't be getting any more till the new year).

Damian Walker - 18:59, 12/12/2016

Greetings. The game looks beautiful. Do you still have these in stock?

I would like to order 23 sets for my class as birthday gifts, as in 2019 we will be focusing on Viking culture.

Would there be a cheaper price when ordered in bulk this way? I am not reselling, simply giving as a gift.


Angela- NSW


Angela Earth - 21:18, 12/11/2018

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