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On-line Hnefatafl Tournament Under Way

Tuesday, 13th August 2013

A couple of days after the World Hnefatafl Quick-Play Tournament on Fetlar, another tournament began - the on-line tournament at the web site. Aage's web site has been going for a few years, and attracts some of the best hnefatafl players. They have been experimenting with different sets of rules for some time, as well as playing to established rules like those from Fetlar.

The current tournament uses the variant "Copenhagen Hnefatafl 11x11". Copenhagen hnefatafl differs from other variants in having an unusual "shield-wall capture" of pieces against the board edge. You can see the rules of the game and follow the tournament using the links below.

Copenhagen rules -

Tournament games -


Currently battling valiantly in the tournament right now....

Christian - 14:15, 13/08/2013

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