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Twelve Hnefatafl Games for Your Mobile Phone: Hnefatafl by Philippe Schober

Hnefatafl by Philippe Schober.
Hnefatafl by Philippe Schober.

Friday, 16th September 2016

One of a number of hnefatafl apps simply entitled Hnefatafl, this app by Philippe Schober is one of the most recent and most comprehensive.  It supports a number of different variants on different sizes of board, and has a 2-dimensional interface with decorative pieces.

The variants range from Brandubh on a 7x7 board to Alea Evangelii on a 19x19 board, and everything in between.  These aren't just a single set of rules on different boards: there are distinct rule sets like Copenhagen Hnefatafl and Historical Hnefatafl to add variety to the game.

You can play a game against the computer, or you can use the app as a virtual board and play against another human player. There is also an option to play across the net, if you're logged in to Google.  The app can be played for free with advertising, but a one-off payment will make it advert-free.

You can get Hnefatafl from the Google Play Store. Tomorrow I'll be looking at another iPhone offering.


Thanks for the review. It is possible to play Hnefatafl over the net. All you need to do is to log into Google Play. The button for that is at the bottom of the main menu. Once you have done that you can challenge friends or even random strangers to every kind of variant.

Also further variants have been added recently: Berserk Hnefatafl and Historical Tablut 'Saami'.

Have fun!

Fellhuhn - 05:22, 20/09/2016

Thanks Fellhuhn! I'll correct the bit about play across the net. I'm very glad you've added my favourite Tablut variant recently. I think yours is the first mobile hnefatafl game to offer it and I'm looking forward to playing more often.

Damian Walker - 14:42, 20/09/2016

Hi Felhun! Do you plan to put it on the apple appstore too sometimes? Cause i would love to play on it!

Dayvigco - 11:56, 23/09/2016

Currently not. I just lack there resources (devices and time) to do so. Perhaps if the game is successful enough and I am satisfied with all it's features.

Fellhuhn - 15:08, 23/09/2016

This is a superb version. It's under constant development and improvement. You can set the computer opponents thinking time and  it's a challenge at the longer time settings (not as good as a skilled human of course, but for beginner / intermediate players, quite a good opponent). It has multiple variants of the game (try 'Beserk' - it's a well play tested and very different take on the Copenhagen rules). Highly recommended if you spend time on buses / trains or you just have some free time. (It costs £1.99 to remove the adverets, which is well worth the money if for no other reason than to keep Phillipe developing this implementation!). Available on Google play for free (with the adverts)

Nick Fox - 20:03, 29/09/2016

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