Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

History Pages Updated

Saturday, 6th August 2016

This week the history pages have undergone a rewrite, the most extensive since the relaunch of the web site in 2013.  The old pages, based heavily on the original site from 2004, were centred around a small core of exhibits.  The new ones, while still incorporating some of the original text, are more in the form of a narrative taking the visitor through the story of the game.

After the site relaunch of a few years ago, a couple of extensive pages were added: a catalogue of Archaeological Finds, and another of Literary Sources.  A reorganisation of these two pages is planned for the future, so that the information they contain will function like a virtual museum of exhibits.  All this will be closely linked to the pages in the history section.

For the time being, I hope that the new history pages are clear and entertaining.  If you have any feedback to give, then please contact me either by email or in the comment section.


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