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Another Tournament for New Players

Sea battle tafl at
Sea battle tafl at

Wednesday, 4th March 2015

Last week I announced the imminent tablut tournament at for new players. I didn't give you much notice, for the tournament has started already. However, a new tournament also for new players has begun accepting entrants.

Sea battle tafl is a modern variant of the game, for the same 9x9 board and 25 pieces as tablut. The game depicts a raid by sixteen pirate longships on a cargo ship and its eight longship defenders. The cargo ship must escape to the edge of the board, and cannot take part in capturing pirates. The pirates must surround the cargo ship on all four sides to capture it.

The tournament is open to players of a low rating who have not long been registered to play at the site. It is due to start some time in March, so please don't leave it too long if you want to play.

To join in, point your browser at and click on the link for playing tafl against humans. Simply log in or register by supplying a user name and password, and clicking the "Join New Players' Tournament" button.


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