Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Tablut Print-and-play

Tablut assembled and ready to play (mockup)
Tablut assembled and ready to play (mockup)

Download: tablut-print-and-play.pdf
Size 1164kb, downloads 3659.

Tablut is the version of hnefatafl preserved among the Saami people of Lapland until the eighteenth century. A king tries to escape to the edge of the board with the aid of his eight defenders. Sixteen attackers lie in way to capture him.

This is a colour print-and-play, though the instructions tell how a black and white printer can be used. The game prints onto standard A4 or US Letter sized paper and card, which can be laminated or glued to thicker backing card for durability. The PDF includes a copy of the Tablut leaflet available elsewhere on this site.


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