Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Hull 2017 Round 1: Lonsdale (D) vs. Vinegrad

Londsale (D) vs. Vinegrad, Hull, 2017
Londsale (D) vs. Vinegrad, Hull, 2017

In this first round match David Lonsdale took the part of the attackers, and Dorothy Vinegrad played the king and defenders. David is a regular at hnefatafl tournaments, while the tournament was Dorothy's first time playing hnefatafl.

The match shows the gradual construction of a blockade, which is complete a few turns from the end of the game. The fourth move shows a windmill-like construction which you can see by playing out just the attackers' first four moves from the move list. The play on the king's side was very defensive, with some retreating moves made early on when there were more agressive alternatives available.

Note that the king was open to capture from about turn 12, but presumably due to an oversight on both players' part, the capture was neither made nor averted at that time.

1. E2-G2 E3-G3
2. B5-B3 C5-C3
3. E8-C8 E7-C7
4. H5-H7 C7-C6
5. D1-D3xC3 G3-F3
6. A4-C4 E6-F6
7. D9-D7 E4-F4
8. I6-G6 E5-E6
9. E9-E7 D5-D6
10. I4-G4xG5 C6-C7
11. A6-C6xC7 F6-F7
12. I5-G5xF5 E6-F6
13. E1-E4xF4 F7-F8
14. H7-F7xF8 D6-E6
15. B3-B5 E6-D6
16. G2-G3 F3-F2
17. G3-F3xF2 D6-D5
18. E7-E6xF6++


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