Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Hull 2017 Round 1: Alty (N) vs. Downie

Alty (N) vs. Downie, Hull, 2017
Alty (N) vs. Downie, Hull, 2017

In this match, two players met for their first hnefatafl tournament match. Neither had played the game before the day of the tournament. Steven Downie is a chess player, who could carry some of his chess experience over the hnefatafl. Nathaniel Alty was our youngest participant who joined us with his father Kevin, also participating. If enough junior players join us in future tournaments then there is scope for a separate junior tournament, but as Nathaniel was our only junior player this year he was dropped at the deep end!

1. E2-I2 E7-B7
2. I2-H2 E6-H6
3. H2-G2 F5-F7
4. I4-I3 G5-G8
5. I3-H3 E4-H4xH5
6. I5-I4 E5-I5++


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