Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Hull 2017 Round 2: Lonsdale (S) vs. Downie

Lonsdale (S) vs. Downie, Hull, 2017
Lonsdale (S) vs. Downie, Hull, 2017

Steve Lonsdale played the part of the attackers in this match, while Steven Downie played the king and defenders. This match shows the gradual construction of a blockade. As in many matches won by the attackers, the blockade wasn't completed in full as this was not necessary by the time the game was won.

As the match neared its end, the king's forced gradually dwindled till the final moves, when the two remaining defenders were not enough to prevent the inevitable capture of the king against the central castle.

A note about the move list: both players wrote move 12 as "12. F7-C7 D3-A3." There was no piece on D3 at this point. I have corrected the move as shown, but an alternative correction is "9. F2-F4 H3-D3" which would also render the match replayable.

1. D9-D8 G5-G2
2. F1-F2 E3-H3
3. I4-I2 E4-H4
4. I2-H2xG2 E6-H6xH5
5. A6-G6xH6 F5-F6
6. F9-F7 E5-E6
7. B5-B6 H4-H5
8. I6-H6 E6-E4
9. F2-F4 H3-E3
10. B6-E6xE7/F6 E4-C4
11. E2-C2 C5-B5
12. F7-C7 E3-A3
13. C7-C5xB5/D5 C4-D4
14. D1-D3 D4-E4
15. E1-E3 resigns.


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