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Hull 2017 Round 2: Vinegrad vs. Alty (K)

Vinegrad vs. Alty (K), Hull, 2017
Vinegrad vs. Alty (K), Hull, 2017

In this match, Dorothy Vinegrad took the part of the attackers while Kevin Alty played the king and defenders. Dorothy began with an unorthodox opening which soon began to close off the top right corner and force the king in other directions, but the tactic did not in the end give success.

The king could have won on turn 11, moving downwards to E2 or E3, both of which were on open ranks. Instead an alternative move prolonged the game. But not for long: move 13 was a big mistake for the attackers, making a capture but opening a direct route for the king to the edge, which he immediately took to win the game.

1. F9-G9 F5-F2
2. G9-G7 D5-D2xE2
3. E8-F8 E4-B4
4. D9-D5xC5 D2-C2
5. F8-F5xG5 F2-G2
6. F1-F4 G2-G5xF5
7. F4-F5xG5 C2-C5xD5
8. A6-D6 C5-C6xD6
9. B5-D5 C6-C5xD5
10. D1-D5 E3-H3
11. A5-B5xC5 H3-H4
12. E1-E4 B4-B3
13. E4-G4xH4 E5-E1++


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