Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Hull 2017 Round 2: Alty (N) vs. Lonsdale (D)

Alty (N) vs. Lonsdale (D), Hull, 2017
Alty (N) vs. Lonsdale (D), Hull, 2017

This was a match between David Lonsdale, who took the king's side, and our youngest participant Nathaniel Alty. The tournament was Nathaniel's first exposure to Hnefatafl, and this game probably his first experience of the danger of leaving an open row - in this case the G file which David exploited to win the game.

1. F1-F4 G5-G4xF4
2. E1-F1 G4-H4
3. F1-F3 E6-H6xH5
4. F3-H3 F5-F2
5. I5-H5xH4 E4-H4xH5
6. I4-I5 E5-G5++


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