Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Hull 2017 Round 3: Lonsdale vs. Lonsdale

Lonsdale vs. Lonsdale 2017 (round 3)
Lonsdale vs. Lonsdale 2017 (round 3)

David Lonsdale vs. Steve Lonsdale, Hull, 17th June 2017.

This match illustrates the significance of the closed castle rule: on a couple of occasions in the game, the rule forbidding any piece from landing on the central square denied the king what could have been a safe refuge.

A version of Tablut where the king only may return to the castle square is played on the site In that version, 53% of non-drawn games are won by the attackers. If the closed castle rule increases that figure significantly, as this game would suggest, then a rule change could be argued for future tournaments.

1. E8-C8 G5-G2;
2. I4-G4 E3-G3;
3. H5-G5 E6-H6;
4. A6-G6xH6 G3-H3;
5. I5-H5 E7-H7;
6. E9-E7 H7-H6;
7. F1-F3 E5-E6;
8. C8-C6 E6-F6xG6;
9. G5-G6xH6 F6-E6;
10. G6-F6 D5-D6;
11. D1-D5xC5 E4-D4xD5;
12. A4-A3 E6-E4;
13. A3-D3 D4-B4;
14. E7-E6xD6 E4-C4;
15. E2-C2 B4-A4;
16. B5-B4 C4-E4;
17. D3-D4 G2-F2;
18. G4-F4xF5 resigned.


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