Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Hull 2017 Round 4 (Semi-final): Lonsdale vs. Alty

Alty vs. Lonsdale 2017 (semi final), final position
Alty vs. Lonsdale 2017 (semi final), final position

Steve Lonsdale vs. Kevin Alty, Hull, 17th June 2017.

As three rounds of a Swiss tournament produced a contestant in the lead, and two in joint second place, the two second-place players fought it out in a single semi-final match to see who would play in the final. In a match of average length, with some interesting exchanges along the way, Steve Lonsdale triumphed by bringing his king to an unstoppable position; had Kevin Alty not resigned, the king would have escaped in two more moves.

1. E8-G8 C5-C2;
2. H5-H7 D5-D2;
3. A4-C4 F5-F2xE2;
4. B5-D5 E5-F5;
5. I4-I3 E4-I4;
6. D9-D7 F2-I2xI3;
7. F9-F7xE7 F5-F3;
8. H7-H3 I2-I3;
9. F1-F2 F3-G3xH3;
10. (resigned).


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