Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Hull 2017 Round 5 (Final): Lonsdale vs. Lonsdale

Lonsdale v Lonsdale 2017, final position
Lonsdale v Lonsdale 2017, final position

Steve Lonsdale vs. David Lonsdale, Hull, 17th June 2017.

This was the final match from the Hull Hnefatafl Tournament, 2017. It was the battle of the Lonsdales, David Lonsdale taking the part of the attackers, while Steve Lonsdale played the defenders. To anyone watching it would appear a nail-biting see-saw of a game: a dramatic reduction in the defending force made it look like an attacker win, then the open field appeared to work in the defenders' favour. But in the end, the war of attrition took its toll. Had the king enough defenders to sacrifice, he might have had a chance of escape. But with only four left, and not all in a useful place, he was doomed to failure and capitulated.

1. E2-G2 C5-C8;
2. A4-C4 D5-D4;
3. D1-D3 E5-D5;
4. D9-D8 F5-F3;
5. F9-F5xG5 E4-G4;
6. I6-G6 E3-E2;
7. D3-D2 F3-F2;
8. F5-F7 D5-F5;
9. H5-H3 F5-F3;
10. B5-B3 F3-F5;
11. B3-B8xC8 E6-B6;
12. D8-D7xE7 B6-B4xC4;
13. A5-C5 F5-F3;
14. C5-C3 B4-B2;
15. C3-E3xE2 D4-D3xE3;
16. F7-F4 D3-D4;
17. E1-E3 D4-D3xE3;
18. E8-E3 resigned.


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