Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Scottish Hnefatafl, June 2016

End of Duhawk93 v. Tuireann match, June 2016
End of Duhawk93 v. Tuireann match, June 2016

Back in June, Aage Nielsen proposed a set of rules for hnefatafl to be played on Scottish boards.  The rules, in summary, are that the king is moves and is captured like other pieces, and wins on reaching the edge. There is nothing special about the central square; it does not aid in captures and any piece can land there when it is vacant.

A tournament was run with these rules to test them.  While the tournament format used doesn't result in a "final" match, the two matches between the winner and the runner up (site users Duhawk93 and Tuireann) are a good substitute for a final.  In the match shown here, Tuireann took the attacking side and beat the tournament winner Duhawk93.

1. D6-E6 D5-D6;
2. F4-F5 D4-D5;
3. A4-A5 D3-B3;
4. D1-B1 B3-B2;
5. B4-B3xB2 D5-D3;
6. F5-F3 D3-D5;
7. F3-F5 D5-C5;
8. D7-C7 C4-B4;
9. B1-C1 D6-A6;
10. C7-C6 E4-C4;
11. F5-D5 B4-B5;
12. B3-B4 A6-A7;
13. C1-C3 A7-C7xC6;
14. E6-B6xB5 C7-D7;
15. A5-B5++.


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