Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Bullen vs. Jennings 2014

Bullen vs. Jennings 2014.
Bullen vs. Jennings 2014.

This was the final match at the English National Hnefatafl Championship in 2014.  The players where Pete Jennings, taking the part of the attackers, and Tim Bullen taking the part of the king and defenders.  The rules are Fetlar Hnefatafl, in which the attacker moves first, and the king, who is armed, must reach a corner square or be captured by being surrounded on four sides by attackers.

The game lasted 12 moves, after which Jennings conceded.  The king would have been able to reach B1 or B11 on the next turn, and one of the corners A1 or A11 in the turn following.

1. A8-A9 H6-H3;
2. F2-J2 G5-J5;
3. K4-J4xJ5 G6-G2;
4. B6-B2 F6-I6;
5. H1-J1 I6-I11;
6. J6-J11 I11-I3;
7. H11-I11 I3-K3;
8. J2-K2 K3-K4;
9. K2-K3 G2-K2xK3;
10. B2-J2 F4-I4xJ4;
11. A4-A3 I4-I2xJ2;
12. I11-I3xI2 K4-B4.


He beat me fair and square - much the better player. I have won this championship twice but he outclassed me.

Pete Jennings - 16:55, 20/11/2016

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