Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

New-look Leaflets Available for Download

Brandub leaflet cover
Brandub leaflet cover

Saturday, 31st May 2014

A set of four new-look leaflets have been added to the web site. Replacing those previously available, these leaflets cover four historic variations of hnefatafl: tablut, tawlbwrdd, brandub and alea evangelii. They're designed to be printed on A4 paper, folded in half to make a 4-page A5 booklet.

Four leaflets had been available on the site for some time. They were borrowed from the Traditional Board Games Series of leaflets, a larger set of 60 containing a variety of board games. Written between 2006 and 2011, the research in them was getting out of date - particularly for tablut, for which information was recently made more widely available.

The newer leaflets, while simpler in appearance, have updated rules to take advantage of the recent research. Keeping a similar format, they can also printed on US Letter paper, though you may have to allow your printing software to scale the page to fit on sizes other than A4.

Designed for people to learn and teach the game, the leaflets are useful for learning not only among friends, but also at re-enactments, fairs, museums, schools and anywhere else that hnefatafl is being exhibited and played. It's my intention to supplement these four historic variants with others old and new.

The leaflets are free to download, and you are welcome to print and distribute as many copies as you need. You can download them from:


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