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Hnefatafl in Spanish

Fundación Deportes Mentales web site
Fundación Deportes Mentales web site

Saturday, 12th November 2016

A new project has started to translate much of the material from the web site into Spanish. The first page has recently been published, and there will be more to follow.

Jose de Jesus Deloya Martinez from Fundación Deportes Mentales contacted me earlier this week to ask permission to create Spanish translations of the material on the web site. This will help to promote the game in Spanish-speaking countries, such as Columbia where Jose is based.

The first page to be published is a translation of Hnefatafl's Mysterious Origins, and can be seen here.

There is the possibility of translating the Rules Leaflets and Print-and-play Downloads, too. I have agreed that if Jose can provide translations of the text, I can re-typeset the Spanish versions to the same layout as the originals. Those will be available here as well as being distributed by the Fundación.


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