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Saturday, 16th July 2016

A new feature has been added to Hnefatafl: The Game of the Vikings: Newsletters by E-mail.  Now you no longer miss out on anything just because you haven't visited the web site regularly or kept up to date with its channels on social media.  You can have the latest news and announcements about Hnefatafl delivered straight to your inbox!

There are two mailing lists available to start with.  It is expected that subscribers to each one will receive an update approximately once a month, which I hope is an acceptable volume.

The first mailing list is a general one about anything and everything that the web site covers.  News of tournaments, web site changes, events, new games and books to buy, and pretty much anything that would appear in the news and blog will appear in its newsletters.

The second mailing list is dedicated to the Hull Hnefatafl Tournament 2017.  Its newsletters will feature announcements about the tournament, including rules, strategy tips as well as information about the city for those travelling from further afield.

To see what mailing lists are available, and to sign up, visit its page on the web site.


Love your site. I made a 2 player only iPad game a few years back. And I am working on an AI now for an upgrade release this summer with new artwork etc.
You have been a great gateway for my learning about this game and it's history.

Nick Gressle - 16:49, 26/03/2019

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