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New Hnefatafl Game for Android

Hnefatafl for Android, by Philippe Schober
Hnefatafl for Android, by Philippe Schober

Friday, 4th March 2016

A new Hnefatafl game for Android mobile devices was published earlier this week. Simple called "Hnefatafl", this app by Philippe Schober has a number of interesting features, and is one of the better hnefatafl games available for Android.

Six different boards are featured, from the 7x7 "Brandubh" with 13 pieces to the 19x19 "Alea Evangelii" with 73 pieces, the latter being more practical to play on tablut devices with larger screens. The rules are of the Fetlar type, regardless of board size: a king, who must be surrounded on four sides, wins the game by reaching one of the corner squares.

This game features a number of opponent choices. You can play against the computer, or against a friend using your tablet or phone as a virtual hnefatafl board. But you can also use Google Play services to play against your friends remotely too.

Hnefatafl requires Android 4.0.3 to play. This rules out a few older devices, but most if not all Android phones and tablets sold today should be offering at least Android 4.4. As usual, Google Play Store will tell you if your device is compatible.

You can download hnefatafl from its Google Play page:


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