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A New Hnefatafl Programming Project

A Hnefatafl game for the Windows Command Prompt
A Hnefatafl game for the Windows Command Prompt

Sunday, 14th February 2016

Hnefatafl's growing popularity is amply demonstrated by the increasing number of programming projects that implement it. From mobile games for Android and iOS to versions playable in a web browser, from old DOS PCs to the latest Windows and Linux desktops, the game is popping up all over the place.

The latest project I've seen appear is a quick version for the Windows Command Prompt. Created by GitHub user winterweird, this version "was hacked together in my spare time over the course of a few days".

While deliberately lacking graphical polish, this game is good for programmers who want to see how to code a hnefatafl game, because the program source code is available to view.

To download this version, the technically-minded enthusiast can visit its GitHub page at


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