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New Introductory Book on Hnefatafl

An Inroduction to Hnefatafl, Second Edition
An Inroduction to Hnefatafl, Second Edition

Sunday, 11th October 2015

A new book is available for Hnefatafl. An Introduction to Hnefatafl (Second Edition) is a 44-page paperback book written by Damian Walker. Aimed at those who want an introduction to the game, it tells the story of hnefatafl from its origins to the present day, giving rules for a number of different versions.

The book consists of several chapters. After a brief introduction to the game and how it is played, four chapters describe stages of the game's history: its origins, growth, decline and revival, each giving examples of how the game was played at that time. A further chapter goes into more detail about how the game is played today. And finally, there is a chapter on strategy.

The first edition was a 20-page booklet published in 2013 and sold directly from The Hnefatafl Shop. Demand for it has shown that there is a gap in the market for a book on the game, and the Second Edition will be available not only from Lulu but from book shops and on-line retailers around the world.

Author Damian Walker said, "Despite hnefatafl's increasing popularity there are very few books dedicated to the game, and most of them are ebooks", an exception being Damian's own in-print volume Reconstructing Hnefatafl. He continued: "As a booklet, An Introduction to Hnefatafl has sold very well, and as we approach Christmas I thought the time was right to expand it into a proper book that people can obtain more easily."

Damian has now written three books featuring hnefatafl. Reconstructing Hnefatafl presents research into the history of the game, and attempts to recreate historically-sound and playable versions. A Book of Historic Board Games examines twelve interesting board games whose eras spread over thousands of years, one being tablut, a version of hnefatafl. An Introduction to Hnefatafl is the latest edition, but possibly not the last.

The new book can currently be ordered from Lulu for £4.99 plus postage and packing:


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