Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

Forthcoming Tournament: the Hnefatafl Triathlon

The hnefatafl games played in the forthcoming triathlon
The hnefatafl games played in the forthcoming triathlon

Monday, 20th April 2015

Next month a new tournament with a difference will start on the web site The Hnefatafl Triathlon will feature three different variants of hnefatafl to get your brains around, two old and one new.

Sea battle tafl is usually played on a 9x9 board, but it is very well suited to bigger boards, too. In the triathlon, it will be played on a 13x13 board using the starting layout devised by David Parlett.

Tablut is the most authentic version of hnefatafl we know of, with rules surviving from the eighteenth century. The standard game will be played in the triathlon, on the usual 9x9 board.

Brandubh is the Irish game played on a 7x7 board. Aage Nielsen's game differs from the reconstruction I usually use. Aage's brandubh follows the tablut rules more closely than my own brandub reconstruction, and the rules appear to work very well.

So if you want to experience the wonderful variety of hnefatafl in a friendly competition, then please get on to before the end of April and sign yourself up for the triathlon!


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