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Making A Better Use of LinkedIn

Monday, 12th January 2015

For the past year or so, I've been posting the same content to The Hnefatafl Shop's LinkedIn page as I posted to the equivalent pages on Facebook and Twitter. This has mainly been for want of a better idea: if I'm going to have a LinkedIn page, I may as well post something there. Copying the Facebook and Twitter content took very little time.

But I'm aware that few people go to LinkedIn to play games, nor even to buy them. So I had a bit of a think last week, as to how I can put the LinkedIn page to a more appropriate use. And from this week onwards, I'm going to try something different.

One thing that I noticed about LinkedIn, compared to other social networks, is the number of people who are active creators rather than passive consumers of creativity. If groups of art and literature appreciation abound on Facebook and Twitter, I notice more discussion between the artists and writers on LinkedIn.

So from now on, I hope to share on LinkedIn more about the process behind creating and marketing hnefatafl games, books and other related materials. There'll be more discussion about how activities can help my (and other) businesses and active groups, and possibly more requests for information about things like sourcing and suppliers.

Of course, all this takes more time than simply copying a Facebook post. So there'll be less content on here than there was before: a post a day, rather than four. But I'm hoping that the content will be more appropriate and interesting to followers on LinkedIn and that, consequently, when I ask for information myself, I might have attracted the people who can give me a useful answer.

Are any readers here using LinkedIn regularly and fruitfully to promote and benefit your activities? If so, please let me know of any other ideas you have!


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