Hnefatafl: the Game of the Vikings

FAQ Added to the Web Site

Saturday, 28th June 2014

There are some questions about hnefatafl which come up over and over again. These cover everything from rules, strategy, history, to simpler questions like how to say the word. There have been pages around this web site that answer many of the questions, and I've often directed people to them when the questions have come up. But what would be really useful is a FAQ where all of these questions are answered in brief.

Well, I've got around to it at last. On the sidebar menu of the front page there is now a "FAQ" option. There are a few common questions on there, with brief answers. But it has a lot of room to grow. I'll be adding more questions as and when people ask them, but if there are any burning questions you have about the game, then please get in touch!

To see the current list, go to


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