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Classic 25-piece Hnefatafl Game and other pleasures
Classic 25-piece Hnefatafl Game and other pleasures

A regular newsletter about the goings on in the Hnefatafl world.  Here tournaments will be announced, both face-to-face and on-line, and afterwards the results will be posted where available.  The newsletters will have other events too, like re-enactments where hnefatafl is taught and played.

There will be other news, like new hnefatafl web sites, hnefatafl software for computers and mobile devices, and the occasional product launch at The Hnefatafl Shop.

Most of this news is also posted to the web site and social media.  But if you sign up, you'll not have to keep visiting the web site on the off-chance of seeing something new, and you'll not be at the mercy of Facebook's algorithm to show you what is posted on the site's Facebook page.



I'm interested in the game and building my own board and pieces

Will Cooper - 10:22, 15/10/2016

Hi Will, hopefully there'll be some interesting articles in future newsletters that will be of interest to you. In the mean time, you might want to check out the blog section - especially the Historical Boards and Pieces link in the sidebar.

Damian Walker - 13:02, 15/10/2016

Most interested in rules of the game and the individual attributes of the pieces.Also I would like to acquire a game as well. I collect games.

Kenneth Biggs - 04:50, 19/09/2018

Is this site still active?

Valdr - 02:25, 29/10/2018

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